Montebelli Agriturismo & Country Hotel will give you a taste of the countryside with its subtle tranquility and warm Tuscan-style layout. Along with a hearty complimentary breakfast, the tasteful restaurant and bar gives you an authentic taste of Italy. The regional cuisines are prepared with organic produce from the hotel’s on-site farm. Enjoy the eco-friendly resort and relish the cuisines amidst green Tuscan valleys lined with playful vineyards and olive groves.

Italian cuisines are one of the top reasons why people choose to plan a vacation to Italy. At Montebelli, you’ll find these traditional recipes in their purest and simplest form, with all the cultural elements that are warm and inviting. You won’t be disappointed by a generic, typical hotel buffet, but rather a homely and wholesome Italian home kitchen that will warm your heart and belly. The head chef at the hotel – Clarence, is skilled and accomplished when it comes to quality and taste. You’ll find a variety of choices based on seasonal harvest, with the freshest most flavorful ingredients.

Montebelli’s very own kitchen garden has seasonal bio-organic vegetables, fruits and herbs to add the real taste of Italy’s own land in every dish that’s prepared with precision and love. You’ll get to smell the refreshing basil and rosemary in the seasonings, and delightfully light olive oil imparting a unique taste to every dish. With cuisine Montebelli, you’ll find that Tuscany is never too far from nature, whether it’s all around you or on your plate!

Pair your meals with the finest wine, and indulge in various wine and olive oil tasting programs organized every week. There are also delicious fish and meat barbecues every week that are a big hit amongst the hotel guests. However, you will always find plenty of vegetarian options available with the most remarkable Italian dishes


Our family history with Montebelli Agriturismo and Country Hotel started when we decided to move away from the busy city lifestyle to create a little oasis in the heart of Tuscany.



Caldana -58023 Gavorrano GR
P -+39-0566-887100
E –info@montebelli.com

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