There are groups, clubs, businesses and associations who share a common interest and need to get together in places where individuals are more open-minded and receptive to their particular subjects and needs and therefore require destinations where spaces and rooms are unconventionally appealing offering plenty of activities and entertainment options as well as a natural and inspiring environment.
Montebelli is “The alternative team meeting destination” where objectives can be easily reached, concentration is strengthened by the surrounding natural environment and a general physical wellbeing is obtained through the complimentary services offered. The Conference Room has the capacity to host workshops, meetings, conventions and panel discussions of groups ranging from 25 to max 50 people.


Complementary Services

  • Access to the Spa (sauna, Turkish bath, hot water pool, aromatherapy)

  • Hiking/Trekking

  • Tennis

  • Biking

  • Outdoor pool (open from May to October)

Services on demand

  • Horseriding

  • Massages and body treatments

  • Private Barbecue

In addition we can propose to dynamic organisations our “Coming Back To Center” Approach

These are corporate workshops designed for executives and leadership teams who are interested in moving away from an “idea” of leadership that is borrowed by predecessors or text books and want to move towards a more authentic leadership style, able to generate effective actions through embodied learning. Learnings include:
Stronger and more grounded presence, which will allow better connection with oneself and others and will increase the ability to generate trust and deal with stressful situations
More effective communication
The ability to be present, open and connected and take new actions which are aligned with your values and vision even under pressure
How to inspire, influence and mobilse others
How to make powerful declarations, clear and effective requests, promises, offers and how to take a strong stance for what you care about


Our family history with Montebelli Agriturismo and Country Hotel started when we decided to move away from the busy city lifestyle to create a little oasis in the heart of Tuscany.



Caldana -58023 Gavorrano GR
P -+39-0566-887100
E –info@montebelli.com

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