Montebelli Agriturismo & Country Hotel is located in the beautiful land of Maremma within the Tuscany region.
It is only twenty minutes from the beach and guests can enjoy both the Tuscan countryside and the  Mediterranean sea.
Montebelli offers a holiday both in the typical environment of the Farmhouse (twenty-one rooms) and in the modern 4 * Country Hotel (sixteen Deluxe rooms and eight Suites) which was inaugurated in 2009. Both buildings are located inside the farm and they share the wide range of services such as tennis court, outdoor swimming pool, mountain biking, trekking, wellness center and Wifi connection.
In the same area of the Country Hotel there are the Reception, the Meeting Room, the Bar and a reading room with a beautiful fireplace




The key principles on which our business philosophy is based are “love for nature, care and respect for people” and it is from these values ​​that the eco-sustainable approach that distinguishes us is born.
Everything in Montebelli respects the principles of eco-sustainability, from the modern Country Hotel that has been built with respect to the environment with eco-compatible materials such as photovoltaic and solar panels, to the totally organic wine and olive oil production.

This allowed us to build a vision not simply marked by financial gain and growth but by the desire to contribute to the psycho-physical well-being of those who use our products and services. We strongly believe that the earth reacts to these principles and therefore we change from year to year with a quality product as if it wanted to reward our will to live with great moral rectitude and a broader vision of the reality that surrounds us.

It is no coincidence that Montebelli has become a meeting place for many seminars aimed at personal growth and a place of rebirth for many people who embark on a journey of self-determination and introspective research.


Our family history with Montebelli Agriturismo and Country Hotel started when we decided to move away from the busy city lifestyle to create a little oasis in the heart of Tuscany.



Caldana -58023 Gavorrano GR
P -+39-0566-887100
E –info@montebelli.com

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